Art by Dave

3 thoughts on “Art by Dave

  1. Dave, I am interested in getting in contact with you about a tatoo. I looked you up as I am looking for something with obvious meaning behind it(symbolizing family, my life, spiritual, etc). I would like it in tribal format of some sort and need someone with experience in this area. I am filipino and have many relatives in Hawaii, however not sure if it falls under a “hawaiian” tatoo format. Looking to have something done similar to Dwayne Johnsons tatoo. Covering that area of the body but with my meaning. Could you assist me?

    • hey john
      it’s Dave. Dwayne Johnson has a mixture of marquesan/tahitian mixed with samoan patterns. I heard he’s samoan. My friend Darius actually did his chest. Another guy did the stuff on his arm. I’d really be into doing your piece. I recommend that you go more the Filipino patterns since your Filipino. We can mix some hawaiian too if you want. i know a good deal on Filipino, Hawaaiin, Samoan, and Marquesas patterns and their meanings. Whatever style you choose the meanings would work with what you want it to represent. I can show you examples of each so you get a better feel for each one. i work at robot tattoo in nw portland. The address is 2330 nw westover rd. 1 block south of burnside past nw 23rd. call to set up a
      consult.we can meet and talk about specifics. (503) 224-9916

  2. My girlfriend and I just visited Maui with the intention of leaving with tattoo’s as our main souvenir. We were extremely fortunate to find Dave who has just moved there. Dave worked very patiently with me to design an absolutely perfect tattoo that includes both hawaiian and marquesan influences. The piece of work he put on my arm is awesome and it was such a pleasure to spend time with such a great person!

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